The Guardians: Treason’s Edge

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Treason’s Edge

In the wake of their unofficial NCDC mission gone haywire, twins Lilia and Kevin Strong are struggling to cope with reality. Their brother is dead, their interplanetary shipping business is space dust…and they’ve somehow got wormhole-based transporters embedded in their nano-armor. Something is very wrong in the Nanotech Coalition Defense Corp.

On top of that, someone’s trying to assassinate their grandfather.

Meanwhile, G.U. Ambassador Leo Kedis isn’t about to let the Triumvirate’s refusal to open peace talks stop him. He’s got a plan—a crazy plan—and he has his sights set on someone crazy enough to help him.

Lilia and Kevin are about to find out what it truly means to love your enemies…and they’ll have to decide how much they’re willing to risk for peace.

First Published June 2015

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