The Guardians: Portal Woes

Portal_Woes_cover_smallThe Guardians

Book 2: Portal Woes

What would you do if someone offered you the chance to travel through a wormhole?

After surviving the harrowing rescue mission that kicked off their entry into the Nanotech Coalition Defense Corp’s Guardian program, twins Lilia and Kevin Strong are attempting to settle back down into life on their homeworld. Their goal? Build an interplanetary shipping business with their brother Lon.

It isn’t easy—the worlds in their system are still reeling from Galactic Union blockade commander Admiral Chesnee’s bold attacks. They’ve barely gotten their fledgling business off the ground when their NCDC handler comes calling.

The scientists the twins rescued want them to test the invention they saved: a wormhole-based transporter with the potential to free the Coalition from the Galactic Union’s oppressive clutches.

Accepting this offer will launch Lilia and Kevin into utter chaos—and leave their lives forever changed.

First Published: March 2013


Chapter 1

Chapter 2

Chapter 3

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