The Guardians: Bad Faith

The Guardians

Book 1: Bad Faith

Imagine millions of nanites in your body— tiny machines that ooze through the pores of your skin to form body armor, or create a hub in your brain to allow person-to-person communication anywhere on the planet. Imagine an invisible storage field capable of holding your body’s weight in additional gear.

For twin siblings Lilia and Kevin Strong, this is about to become a reality. They’re joining the Nanotech Civilian Defense Corp to become emergency first-responders known as Guardians.

For twenty years, the worlds in their system have been under siege by the Galactic Union—the galaxy’s latest superpower. The arrival of a new blockade commander changes everything. Rookie Guardians Lilia and Kevin are swept into an urgent rescue mission to keep a team of scientists and their top-secret project from falling into enemy hands.

The price of failure? Their worlds’ freedom.

It’ll take every ounce of courage and strength they have to survive.

If they can survive.

First Published: September 2011


Chapter 1

Chapter 2

Chapter 3

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