Welcome to the official homepage of author E. R. Paskey.

Here you’ll find everything you want to know about my books and upcoming projects.

The publishing world is undergoing tremendous change at the moment, which makes this an exciting time to be a writer.

Thanks for visiting. Enjoy your stay! ^_^

2 Responses to About

  1. Andrea Carter says:

    I don’t really expect an answer, especially since my question has nothing to do with your website. And considering you’ve become a new mom, I can see why you haven’t posted in several years… I am curious though.. about your For Love Or Duty fanfic on fanfiction.net
    It is one of your most brilliant Sailor Moon stories, I can only hope that you will one day finish it

    • E. R. Paskey says:

      Hi, Andrea!
      I’d like to finish FLOD. Fixing the end of the Silver Millennium was the entire reason I started writing that story. Part of my problem was that I got bogged down in edits…and then life happened. 😛 It still nags me in the back of my mind…lurking, waiting to be finished. I never wanted to be one of those writers who left stories unfinished. :/

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