It’s That Time of Year Again…

It’s November…which means NaNoWriMo is here again! This year’s theme is superheroes. Apropos, considering all of the superhero movies that have been/are being released this year. (I loved Wonder Woman, enjoyed Spiderman: Homecoming more than I thought I would, and thought Thor: Ragnarok was a blast. I’m really excited about Justice League! I still can’t believe DC finally filmed it!)

Once again, life is crazy and I’ve had to scale my NaNoWriMo goal down to something more realistic.

Aside from the fact that Baby #2 is due December 4th (and there is no way he’ll actually make it to his due date; I’ll be very lucky if I don’t have him before Thanksgiving), our family is moving.

Yep. Moving.

It surprised me too. I would not personally have chosen a few weeks before I’m due to have a baby to move. But, when God says, “Go,” you say, “Yes, Lord,” and pack everything up. Particularly when He literally sells the house out from underneath you. 😛

The ministry my husband and I both work for owns the house, and we were completely on board with them selling it. God’s taking the ministry in new directions and it’s pretty exciting. But, I will say for a couple of days we weren’t quite sure where we were going. 🙂 Then the Lord opened up the door for us to rent from some friends, and voila!

It’s a process, and we’re not done yet. Hoping to have everything major moved before Thanksgiving…and I have the baby. 😛

For months now, I’ve been working hard amidst the crazy to have Freedom’s Children written by the end of November. The plan has been to finish writing it, send it off to my beta readers, and hopefully have it published and available for y’all to read by Christmas.

And despite the chaos of the past couple of weeks, I’m almost there. I’ve reached the book’s grand climax; I only have a few chapters left to write. (So excited!!!) And so far I’ve actually exceeded my modest November writing goal.

That said, if Baby #2 does indeed come much before his due date, it’ll definitely delay things a little. Still hoping to have FC out by Christmas, but I’ve been known to have delusions of grandeur before. 😛

I’m nearly there, though. The end is in sight—and I can’t wait for y’all to read Freedom’s Children. I’ve had a blast writing it. 🙂

Happy (early) Thanksgiving!

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