‘Galaxy’s Way’ Paperback and Other News…

Impossible--cautionVery excited to announce that the trade paperback edition of Galaxy’s Way will be available shortly. I’d hoped to have it out weeks ago, but ran into a rather interesting snag. My title font, which I also used for the chapter titles and dropcaps, refused to embed. Eventually, I fixed the problem, but it required laying out the book again. Not a huge deal; it just took a while to do on top of everything else going on right now.

The last couple of months have been interesting, to say the least. I haven’t said anything on here before now, but my husband and I are expecting our first child in September. 🙂 (Ultrasound is Friday; hopefully we’ll find out if the baby is a boy or a girl.) We’re really excited, but I have to say, being pregnant is a whole new ballgame.

And pregnancy fatigue? Definitely real. For some reason, I never really thought about how much energy it takes to grow a human being. Fortunately, I’m in the second trimester now, and I’m getting some of my energy back.

So, the past two months I haven’t made as much progress on my projects as I would have liked, but I have made progress. The Guardians: Book 4 (still no title yet) has hit the third-way point, and I’m excited about where the story is headed from here. The Stone General is progressing nicely. Ink Realm has been strangely quiet, but I’ll get to it. (I think it wants less competition. :P)

Also, I finally bit the bullet and wrote the first two chapters of the first book in my superhero story. (One of those instances where the characters held me hostage and refused to let my brain move on until I wrote everything down.) That was interesting, because I still don’t have names for several of the characters featured in it. 😛

It gave me a great peek into how big this series’ world is though. This is going to be fun. 😀 Will definitely need a spreadsheet to keep all the characters straight—there are going to be a bunch of them.

I don’t have a title for this series yet either, although I do have a working title based off the main character. The problem is that I’m not sure it’s superhero-y enough. I’m sure that will resolve itself once I get farther into the story, however.

Stories are helpful like that. 🙂

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