‘Lady Ink’ Teaser

Here’s the jacket copy for Lady Ink. Hope it leaves you as excited as I am about this book!

Lady_Ink_web_300lineSkin white as paper…blood black as ink.

Lady Ink of Dittforth is no ordinary girl. Pulled from an ink sketch as a baby by a mysterious stranger and adopted by a noble family, she grows up hiding the fact that ink flows from her fingertips…and she, too, can pull objects from sketches.

In the wake of tragedy and betrayal, Ink, together with her mother and beloved nurse, flees Dittforth to escape the clutches of a sinister figure known only as the Shadow King.

Along the way, Ink learns about friendship, love, and sacrifice…and discovers that the truth about her heritage is out of this realm.


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3 Responses to ‘Lady Ink’ Teaser

  1. Jackye says:

    Hi Emily,
    Can’t wait to read your new novel. Sounds intriguing. When do you think you’ll complete it?

  2. David Shank says:

    You sure do have an imagination. So when does it come off the press?

    • E. R. Paskey says:

      I’m just waiting on one of my final readers to finish reading it. Once I make any necessary changes (grammar errors, typos, missing words, ect.) it’ll be good to go. 😀 The ebook will appear first, followed by the trade paperback edition a couple of weeks later. So, in essence, I’m looking at a mid-late June release.

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