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DidImpossible--cautionn’t realize until this past week that I haven’t actually posted any updates on books since…*sheepish gulp*…February. I’ve been posting chapters of TOSOTH (and I’m thrilled some of y’all are coming back to read them every week), but I haven’t actually updated anything. Rectifying that now.

For starters, it’s front porch weather. (And iced coffee weather, although I haven’t gotten around to making a batch yet.) We put our porch furniture out a few weeks ago and I’m very, very happy about it. 😀 (So are our three cats.)

I do have one major announcement: I will be posting cover art for Lady Ink next week. (Won’t be long now until publication—exciting!)

This is good, because the characters are stirring and I’m getting ready to commence work on the sequel. (Tentatively titled Ink Realm.) Several interesting themes are already developing; I’m looking forward to seeing how the story plays out.

As of this week, I am halfway through the first round of edits for The Guardians: Treason’s Edge. As with the first two books, I’m noticing that straightening out the timeline in the beginning of the story takes more work than the rest of the book, but it’s going well. Hope to have it finished and off to my beta readers in the next month or two…which means I get to start writing Book 4. *happy dance*

Still don’t have a title for my pirate/smuggler space opera novel yet, but the rough draft is about 2/3 finished. Hit a bit of a snag, which probably means I went off track at some point in the last few chapters and need to retrace my steps and start again, but it’s been fun to write. Should have the rough draft done soon.

The first five months of this year have been quite different from the first five months of last year in terms of writing and production. This time last year, I’d gotten more words drafted, but I hadn’t done nearly as much editing as I have thus far this year. Though I confess I’d hoped to have more done by now, we’ve had a lot going on this year, and I’m also in the process of starting new projects (both sequels, which means certain threads have to be connected at the start) instead of sailing forward with existing projects. So ultimately, it’s just different. The rest of this year will probably be better in terms of production than last year.

At any rate, for those of y’all in the U.S., have a wonderful Memorial Day weekend!

And stay tuned for Lady Ink’s cover art reveal!

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  1. Hannah says:

    Yay for cover art! Can’t wait to see it!

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